The idea is to create a blog post each day for one whole year. It could be about your day or a recipe you've just tried out or a review of a film you loved or hated. My name is Katharina and this is my blog year 2013

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UPDATE: This Blog is now the my art blog. I hope I can update it on a regular basis


i want a small enterprise tattooed on my wrist

i want a small enterprise tattooed on my wrist

New Years resolutions. Draw something everyday. Just do it. A quick doodle, a rough sketch. Anything. Finally fill that blank book you bought ages ago



Done with my entry for the letsdrawsherlock project. I chose to reinterpreted René Magritte’s ‘The Son of Man’ so here is Jim Moriarty with his apple.

That was fun and not at all headache enducing. I should remember to drink while working

The painting is done on 15cmx15cm canvas with acrylic paint.

This is what I have done with my day. It took a few hours and several mental breakdowns because of stupid skintones and shading and blah blah blah, but it’s done. Now I’m wondering if I really want to do the other two. I think I do and yet I am hesitant to start. Anyway, people are actually reblogging this and I might be crying over that fact alone

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yeah okay, I have basically given up on this project since nothing is really happening to me and if it is I forget to blog about because I am too exhausted. I powered through for almost 5 months though so I guess that is a small achievement in itself. It’s just that I haven’t had the time to do actually interesting stuff recently and I don’t want to post pictures that are 2 or more years old because I have nothing new to add at the moment. I don’t even own a camera that could take some quality pictures of stuff I would create in my free time. From now on all things that I find worthy of being mentioned on a blog can be found on my main tumblr (sherlocksimaginarium) along with most of the stuff that is not worthy mentioning but I post it anyway, Thanks for the people that actually followed this blog.

Anonymous asked
Doctor Who has been broadcasted on German television before - Pro7 to be exact. But apparently they didn't do a good job promoting it and by the time only few people were actually watching it so it got cancelled. I think we should show the TV companies of Germany how great Doctor Who is and I think we might have a slight chance of seeing it on German television once again. I'm sure there are lots of people who'd love that. Till then I guess we'll have to stick to watchever...

Oh wow, I didn’t know that. They really should have promoted it more. I hope that we get the chance to see it on TV again because it really is a great show and I want to see it get the appreciation it deserves.

I also want to be able to talk about it with my friends who aren’t into shows that aren’t shown on TV simply because they never heard of them. Is wanting to geek out with a larger group of people really that much to ask.

Maybe the high demand on things like watchever will show the powers that be just how popular this show can be and we might get it back on TV. Not that it’s much use to me now as I haven’t got TV at the moment. But I would still love to see more people turning into Whovians. Whovians are wonderful people

There is no news

a BBC news programme on Good Friday 1930

This music is the best if you just need to sit down and finish all those mindless repetetive things that you need to do.

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They are only distracions from the food

Katniss Everdeen with a very accurate impression of me

You never really notice how fast you’ve become at reading until you finish the Hunger Games series in less than three days. Well I’m not quite finished yet but it won’t take much longer though as far as I can tell I like the first book the best. I’m not really buying into this whole revolution thing and Katniss is slightly pissing me off with her ‘but Peeta but Gale’ whining.

After finishing this series I’ll be looking forward to Cloud Atlas which a lot of people recommended to me and I have no idea what I’m getting into there so I’m looking forward to that. After that comes either John Green with Looking For Alaska or The Fault In Our Stars, though I might be in the mood for some crime solving so I might turn to some of the ACD canon and read up on my favourite consulting detective.

Today I have also discovered my true Kirk/Spock shipping heart as I was watching the second Star Trek movie after seeing Star Trek 12 in cinemas. Space Husbands! I love these two together and I’m not sure where Bones fits in just yet but I’ll get to that soon enough.